Four Great Ways To Plan A Gift For Your BFF’s Wedding

For as long as you can remember, your BFF has been by your side. She has always been there for you, supporting you both in your best and in your worst. She is your best friend forever and she is about to get hitched. You can go the old-fashioned way of shopping extravagantly for gifts or you can break a leg while practising dance moves for your performance on her reception. To be frank, both sound a bit too boring and downright scary – especially the second part.

The following section will talk about four great ways to plan a gift for your BFF’s wedding:

A pair of designer hoops that will suit perfectly for all those after-parties

It is common for the newlywed bride to attend a lot of after-parties and dinners once the wedding gets over. Be sure she flaunts a pair of designer hoops on herself that will match perfectly with any apparel she chooses to wear. Gifting her designer hoops will make sure that she carries a piece of your memory all the while, even when she goes to work.

Go old school by gifting her a Polaroid camera

It is the age of the Smartphone and sadly people have forgotten the feel and thrill of shooting pictures through a camera. When one talks about Polaroid cameras, people often take a moment to revisit the old days when the device was as hot as a freshly baked cake. Enough of ornamental words, go get her a Polaroid camera so she can capture moments to cherish in her life in the most unique ways all the while thinking about you and your friendship with every picture taken.

Stand out of the queue with personalised wine bottles

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Personalised wine bottles are a new trend in terms of gifting ideas for your BFF on her wedding. It may sound a bit silly, seem a bit quirky or downright labelled crazy by some, but when you present your best buddy with a nice bottle of Malbec with a personalised label on it, you are sure to stand out of the queue. You can also go ahead and engrave your initials and that of your BFF’s in the bottle surface so that she can keep the bottle as a gentle reminder of the connection both of you share with each other.

An all expense paid trip

How about taking her to an all-expense paid trip just after she back from her honeymoon? Just think about it – the open roads, a beautiful destination, the sunsets by the beach where the two of your sip on some martini and rate half-naked dudes based on the number of abs on their belly? A good old fashioned girl’s trip where the two of you can make new memories, talk about the old ones and dream about the future at the same time.

The gifting ideas mentioned above might seem a bit cheesy, clichéd or downright cute to some. After all that is said and done, it is the emotion that plays a vital role in a gift right? Go ahead and experiment with your own ideas or combine all the four together mentioned here to come up with something that your BFF will cherish for the rest of her life.

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