Why Leather Boots Are Useful In Summer

Not all that long ago, there was a glimpse, a mere flicker of sunlight. This was naturally the cue for women to store their boots away and move on to lighter footwear. At the same time, jumpers, coats and cardigans were banished to the bottom of the chest of drawers, As a grand ‘Hurrah’ engulfed the land, women everywhere agreed that that knee high boots for women were for the cold days of winter, and should be worn no more.

Now, this theory of theirs should work in practice. Boots are for autumn, winter and maybe the start of spring, to protect your feet from rain, snow, wind and all the other joys of the British weather. When the sun comes out to play, these trusty boots gently retire for their summer sojourn in the south of the wardrobe, and it’s the flip-flop, wedge, sandal, espadrille and ballet pump’s turn to live it up on the Coats led Britain.


Alas, that brief moment in late April was not to last. Once more, a dark shadow has fallen across the land. Now, we live in perpetual fear of the rain, the sleet and the icy cold. The boots have been awoken from their comfy resting place in that box under the bed. ‘Save us!’ we cry. ‘Protect us from a grim fate of feeling the damp and the chill!’


Thankfully, during the summer, you can actually still wear all types of leather or suede boots. You can even wear your thigh-highs; they really do look pretty good with short skirts and even with shorts.

There are also, of course, other sorts of boots that you can choose based on what you plan for your summer wardrobe. In fact the choice is very wide.  You can, if it’s your sort of thing, find boots that allow your toes to peek out into the fresh air. Perhaps more sensibly, you can also wear ankle or knee-high boots. They look great with summer dresses.


Because of their functional and stylish appearance, many women are beginning to wear boots, whatever the season. If you buy a good pair of leather boots, then they are not only going to be comfortable to wear, they are also going to look good with almost everything that you have in your wardrobe.


It is definitely fashionable now to wear leather boots in the summer. They work well with a range of outfits and best of all, protect your feet from the turbulent weather we seem to be suffering from. We British are turning into a nation of fashion chameleons. It is becoming perfectly acceptable to wear boots during the summer. In fact, it’s becoming downright stylish.

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