The Ultimate Summer Wedding Fashion Guide

No matter what people may say, weddings are always magical – promising that you’ll spend the rest of your life with your beloved one reminds us that true love still exists, which is beyond wonderful. However, putting together a perfect wedding outfit as a guest may be a bit tricky, especially if there’s a dress code to be followed. If you find this problematic, too, stay with us. Here are three amazing outfit ideas, depending on the dress code stated on the wedding invitations.

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Formal summer weddings require a dose of sophistication

If you’re attending a formal summer wedding, have in mind that it’ll probably take place in a hotel ballroom or something similar – so a touch of glamour and sophistication is more than wanted. Floor-length gowns are highly required, so make sure to pick one in some lightweight yet very luxurious fabric. Silk crepe or silk chiffon will do the trick. Don’t go for a plunging neckline because it may look too tacky; instead, a delicate neckline will provide an elegant silhouette. Match it up with a pair of black pumps and a clutch that follows the same style, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget the jewelry, though!

Semiformal weddings allow a bit of playing


Many ladies will agree that semiformal wedding outfit is the easiest to put together, since it doesn’t require as glamorous garments as the formal one. In fact, clothes appropriate for semiformal weddings can often be found in regular department stores, in the evening wear section. Apart from weddings, you can wear such clothes to other special events like a New Year’s Eve party. So, going for a knee-length dress in a season-appropriate color is exactly what you need. Since black may be too much for a summer wedding, pick a dress in your favorite pastel shade. Besides pastels, jewel tones such as ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green and are also extremely popular. On the other hand, if dresses aren’t your thing at all, you can always opt for a skirt in an unusual shade and match it up with an embellished top. Pick nude strappy sandals and some trendy accessories, and your semi-formal outfit is all done!

Romantic detailing for a beach wedding

Beach weddings often require casual outfits that focus on comfortable shoes that won’t sink into the sand all the time. High heels are therefore inappropriate for such events, so you can pick either flats or wedges, since these are much different than heels. As for your outfit, you should keep it as light and romantic as possible – floral print is always a good idea, as well as light shades and pastels. However, bear in mind that white is reserved just for the bride, so try to stay away from an all-white outfit. There are so many gorgeous dresses for sale, so you can always opt for them in order to look fabulous and save some money at the same time! As for the accessories, you should definitely wear a good pair of sunglasses, whereas a wide-brimmed hat is optional – if it fits into the rest of your outfit, feel free to wear it, too! 

Now a days some people also get customised embroidery logos also designed to put on their clothes as well as their guest. It is all about ones liking and imagination. There are many such options available across and many companies which do cutomised designing of embroidery logos and many such clothing options.


As you can see, dressing up for a summer wedding doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. There are so many useful tips and great ideas for the wedding dress code stated on the invitations. Formal weddings require a bit more effort than semiformal and casual ones, but don’t worry – you’ll manage to pull off any outfit thanks to our guide. Just stick to it at there won’t be any problems!


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