How To Choose The Right Make-Up Mirrors

Every woman (or man) who wears makeup will tell you how important good make up mirrors are for applying make-up especially first thing in the morning when you are all bleary eyed. Luckily, there are many types of make-up mirrors available, so whatever your needs are you will find a mirror to suit you.You can get magnifying make up mirrors, make up mirrors with edge lights or backlit mirrors and even tinted make up mirrors for use in sunlight.

They come in all shapes and sizes from big ones that have to be stuck on the wall to travel ones that you can put in your handbag or pocket. Some have bases with the mirror attached to a flexible hose, so that you can move the mirror around as you apply your make up. Others fold out from the wall and can be angled to allow you to change the position of the mirror as you apply makeup to different areas of your face.

The Right Make-up Mirrors for You


Most people need more than one make up mirror, one for home and one to use during the day. The first thing you need to consider when buying make up mirrors is where you are going to use them if for example you are going to use them in a place with good natural light then your make up mirror will not need a light. However, if you regularly put make up on in the evenings bear in mind that natural light is not available then, so make up mirrors with lights in the home are a good idea for virtually everyone. If you wear glasses just be careful of the lights position because of glare.

Unless your eyesight is near perfect a makeup mirror with some sort of magnification makes sense. The best make up mirrors are those that you can flip over to a normal mirror, so you can see the overall look of your make up and use the magnifying mirror to apply detailed areas such as eye make-up.

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