Nib-Bit Beads From MATUBO

MATUBO Nib Bit is a production that deals with glass beads. The pressed glass beads are designed by NelaKábelová in the Czech Republic of Matubo. The bead produced is a two-hole bead manufactured with a great, evolving technology that deals with surface treatment. The bead sparkles more than any other beads, even more than those who are polished by fire. The holes of the beads have an even consistency, making them look gorgeous. Apart from the gorgeous look, they prevent breakage of the threads that pass through them.

MATUBO Nib Bit two- hole bead

Beading іѕ a form of art whісh involve a lot of creativity to create accessories One may decide to come up with. A modern, more classic or traditional style according to your preference. MATUBO Nib Bit two- hole bead has brought new trends into the incredible beading world. It offers a variety of amazing combinations of colors and shades, different designs and ideal lustre to choose from.  They also offer high-quality beads which have been created by people with innovative minds. These pressed beads have designs which will enable you to come up with many different patterns limited to your imagination and creativity.

MATUBO Nib Bit two-hole beads are fabulous beads for making jewelry.  For instance, they can be used to make amulets, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Do you already have an idea about how you would like your jewelry to look like?  MATUBO Nib Bit bead are the most exclusive and spectacular beads you can use. Without high-quality beads, you wouldn’t come up with the perfect accessory. They weigh as less as 10 grams per package, which is approximately 60 pieces, making them ideal for making jewelry which is easy to carry around. The 2-hole nib-bits beads from Matubo come in different shapes. More common is the wedge shape which often is perfect for edging. They can be placed in various positions to form incredible patterns. More importantly, they can be used with multi-hole beads such as Arcos par Puca beads and Czech Mates crescents.

MATUBO Nib Bit has a bead sampler which presents different colors and shades of a particular category to make the process of selecting easy in the comfort of your home. This sampler is very essential since you will never make a mistake of choosing a wrong color, shape or a size. More essentially, you can take its price off your next order.

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty and magnificent appearance of the MATUBO Nib Bit two-hole beads.


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