What Is A Beauty Trolley?

A beauty trolley is a special box on wheels. It is designed specifically to hold beauty products and is used by people like hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians, masseuses and make-up artists. They are designed to allow you to take everything you need to do your work out into the field. Effectively, they are a beauty salon on wheels.

This box on wheels has a series of special drawers, trays and compartments built into it. This is a strange comparison, but beauty trolleys are a lot like the mechanics tool chests you see at garages that repair cars.

They are not made of metal, but are robust and solid. Normally they are finished in vinyl to make them easy to keep clean, and come in a wide variety of colors.


Choosing a Beauty Trolley

Take your time when choosing a beauty trolley. Start by thinking about what exactly you will need to carry with you and make sure that you buy a trolley that is big enough to accommodate all of your equipment and products. Check out the drawers and compartments each trolley offers to make sure that they are adequate for your needs.

Buy a trolley that looks good even if you have to spend more money to do so. Image is important. If you regularly work on film sets or fashion shows consider personalizing your trolley to ensure it does not get lost amongst all of the others. Do the same if you travel a lot.

Maintaining Your Beauty Trolley

Keep your beauty trolley clean and tidy. Remember that in the beauty industry image is especially important. Turning up at a client’s with a scruffy or dusty trolley is a bad idea, it gives the impression you do not care and cannot be trusted to do a good job. Try to be disciplined, when using your trolley. Have a home for everything and try to stick to it. This helps you to work efficiently and also ensures you appear more professional, which maintains your clients confidence in your abilities. They will also feel more comfortable recommending you to their friends.

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