3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Cycling Jersey

Should you be considering the purchase of a jersey to wear for when you are cycling, you’ll have to understand that it’s a little bit different than when you buy other kinds of jerseys. In such matters, functionality, comfort and durability are all key players in the selection process when you check out the amazing selection bike jerseys out there nowadays. Here are 3 things for you to consider when selecting and buying the perfect cycling jersey.


Function Performance

This happens to be a main point when it comes down to choosing a great bike jersey. You will have to think about the kind of climate the cycling jersey will be worn in. Will it be warm or cold weather? Also,along with helping to decide whether you want long sleeves or short sleeves, the climate will also determine which kind of material will be needed to provide the best protection. And naturally, a heavier blend will work better in cooler weather, while a lighter one will be better for warmer climes.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that it’s not a bulky article of clothing. Why? Because many jerseys come with back pockets, which are fantastic for carrying small items and a bulky, loose fitting jersey will make it perfect for the contents of any pockets to move around. This will soon start to irritate you and the chances are that the contents of the pockets may fall out during a ride.

Easy Ventilation

Who doesn’t like comfort? Warm weather cycling jerseys should be made from a material that will let a couple of things occur. First of all, the material mustlet the body breathe easily, and allow for lots of air circulation. And secondly, the material needs to be of a kind that will assist in moving moisture away from the skin. Cycling in warm climes can produce quite a lot of sweatand by helping to draw the sweat away from the surface of the skin, it is much easier to administer a sense of comfortability, even during a strenuous cycle ride.

And naturally, a material that helps to draw moisture away from the skin during times of cold weather, will also maintain that the rider feels warm and comfortable, and not cold and clammy. Therefore, the simple purchase of an excellent,top quality cycling jersey, which is weather friendly will make a whole lot of difference whilst you are riding.


Most people like nice things to last longer, and when it comes to cycling jerseys, that is certainly the case, especially when you consider that quality sports clothing in general don’t happen to be the cheapest pieces of clothing on the market and a cycling jersey is no exception. So, check the labels for the details about the jersey’s construction, and check out the mix of fibres, the stitching and washing instructions. A durable garment that has been sewn together tightly, is cleanable in a regular cycle, is fade resistant, and won’t shrink is ideal.

Now you know what to look for in a great cycling jersey!

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