What Is A Wedding Hairstylist?

To be able to be a wedding hairstylist, you will need to be a professionally trained hair stylist with specialised knowledge of properly styling hair for the occasion of a wedding. The professional stylist will work mostly with the bride, but may also perform hair and beauty services for other members of the wedding. Styling hair for weddings usually takes a longer, more painstaking process than basic styling and can at times require multiple practice sessions.


These kind of stylists may work at a professional hairdressing salon, or have their own private business. Many hairstylists specialise in wedding hair, but are able to expertly style your hair for other formal events. They can also offer other services, such as makeup application and hair extensions and permanent hair straightening.

Wedding Hair Styles and Suitability

The method of styling hair for a wedding usually starts with a consultation between the stylist and bride prior to the wedding day. The stylist may ask the bride to bring a picture of her wedding dress and what she may be wearing on her head, such as a veil, headpiece or decorative hair adornments. The bride may give her ideas on how she wants her hairstyledand ask for professional advice from hairdressers in West Perth.The wedding hairstylist may look at a range of differing factors, such as the bride’s age, face shape, and hair texture, to choose which hair style will be the most flattering.

The stylist may also ask about the time of day the wedding will be taking place so as to determine how formal the hairstyle should be. After being informed of personalized suggestions, the bride may choose multiple styles for the stylist to demonstrate. A wedding hairstylist will often do each hairstyle to see how the bride feels about its looks, then take a picture to ensure that the style doesn’t look any different in photographs. Should the hair style be complex or time consuming, the stylist might record how long it takes to do so there will be plenty of time for styling time on the special day.

Making Sure the Hair Looks Perfect All Day

On the day of the big event, the stylist might travel to see the bride at a specific location or the bride can go to the hairdresser’s salon. One of the major job tasks of a wedding hairstylist is to style the bride’s hair on the big day and ensure the style will last throughout the whole event. The stylist will have the knowhow on different techniques of making the hairstyle remain looking just perfect.

Should bride be wearing a veil or other head piece, the stylist will help to position it so it won’t interfere with the bride’s hairstyle and also let the bride know how to easily take down the hair style after the event.

And that’s a day in the life of a wedding hairstylist!

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