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Today, all people, young and old, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, married and unmarried, wise and foolish, inhibit loneliness, abandonment and the utilization feeling.

Unfortunately, our consumer society has entered a new circle. Any trade is much more than a person needs them. Store shelves are stuffed with all that long ago no one is required. Therefore, the market most now have positive emotions.

Mostly, security and a sense of stability that is synonymous with happiness. We can long and unproductive debate about whether it is good or bad, but that is a fact of life and should be taken into account.

In particular, the single (which is already weaker half of humanity) feel men. In the hope of misled its internal alarm mechanism they follow stereotypes – just looking at the long legs, blonde hair and all known dimensions in the hope that it will calm loneliness and increase self-esteem, above all, in their own eyes. The absurdity leads them further and further down the lonely road. Last time it is fair to recognize the fact that a man must first be selected or recommended to watch his wife as a person develop or degrade. The question that can make a man a millionaire, there is only one answer – the right wife.

Whether they marry older men young women today are waiting not so much love as a stable life, first of all its material terms. Young and beautiful girls is unbearable to live in poor conditions, for a mere farthings to work from morning to night, wear bad clothes, eat poor quality food, raising and so on. and so on. If the girl is not wealthy parents, then we should be realistic, none other than the well-to-do an old man a quality life can offer. Youth and beauty are really good and the girls are trying to pragmatic use.

But happiness in this relationship is unlikely, since they can only grow by 3 scenarios –

First I am a philanderer. This men’s lives young wife is neither the first nor the last (unless he or she has close to 80 years old), so stability will be short-lived. After a few years there will be new philanderer “fervent love”, a new marriage and a new wife, then all will be well.

Second I am a bachelor. This male to 40 or 50 years of age were married, but now finally realized how terrible one will sleep a bed, and the next will be no one who served in a pitcher of water. Young woman’s appearance, he hopes to get her daughter that with time a skilled and patient caregivers.

3rd I’ve crisis. The decision to marry a new wife, the old men were taken without the presence of common sense, so it is jealous, aggressive, intrusive and so on. The normal scenario is that the young wife of maintaining the house and his children from a previous marriage, but he’s calling hours old wife and “punches out her heart.”

Let’s start with the axiom that marriage is a job and a family man is engaged! That’s why choosing a wife should be explored her social resume, because marriage is just not a place to check how life works slogan “we are all people.”

First If a man is financially independent, it does not mean that the need to marry Cinderella – a fairy tale and life are two different things.

If a woman does not work, education and adequate material resources to support themselves in good condition, can not be expected that as a wife she will promote her husband’s progress. The wife will be so tired from the previous hard and poor life that a top priority will be not the same man, but the ringlets, purses and constant sitting with friends in cafes.

Marrying a girl from suburban slums do not expect that she will think and behave like a lady!

Second If a man is not financially independent and / or do not feel the desire to indulge in hard work, the quality of life in the only recommended option is a wealthy wife. Today it is a social phenomenon and therefore it can never be called immoral.

Better yet, if she has years 5 – 10-15 older. Such marriages are not a rarity, although talk about it a little. Apparently to blame society stereotypes that girls with a solid master at hand in a polite, but the other way around – not. Materials stable families live without unnecessary stress and counterproductive mites on the pay – kids on lunch or return to the bank loan. Man in this relationship will only gain from being a lady is of great value not only in society but also in the family

Relations with parents and financially independent woman inevitable “power float” process will be easy. Or at least much lighter. The wife will be wiser for the new man, so they say that she does not like loud music, soap operas or sporting events broadcast on television.

Marriages where the wife is older, relationships are formed according to the principle: one – older, more experienced and stronger one – younger light-minded. In paired male child can stay longer and there is nothing wrong. Especially important is the feeling of the men who has long been attached to their mothers.

Woman benefits from marriage with a younger man, it is evident, as is always better to be a pro babysitter than nurses.

An elderly woman knows what can not no new – see the heights and bring her husband’s good qualities and his “weak points”. This is what allows a man to feel calm, confident and comfortable. Man can be sure that his failures (including sexual) will be ridiculed and family details will not be mange.

Of course, over time it is possible that the young man will ever want to go out and live a different life because Gādīgās wife’s influence he will have “apvēlies” – successfully launched a career, well dressed, become part of an expensive car, paceļojis around the world and so on. But – over self on this earth is not at all clear, and never can know anything. We all know that to live in the here and now. If the family will not have consensus, then the man will go to so and so, and the new wife. The good news for men is the fact that the average life expectancy of marriage with a woman – her mother is 10 years longer than their married peers.

If a woman is willing to marry a younger man, she, of course, have their own motives for which most men have no idea. In fact, the main motives for the benefit of this choice is as follows –

First These women do not have material interests and their financial capacity is above average. They can itself take care so that, for example, a 10 year difference is not “by eye” be defined. Women can pay for total entertainment and everything else associated with a good quality of life.

Who has told you that spend money on trips with poor girlfriend is correct, but to pay for a new man – this is wrong?!

Second These women have the power and the desire to support the young man not only morally but also materially.
These are cases in which a man and a woman are willing to voluntarily mother – son relationship. And nothing wrong with it not because they have a very stable relationship, so that each boy has only one perfect woman – his mom. After 12 years boys and breaks the psychological link, but it’s just a general statement, because some men that never severs the umbilical cord.

Tell me, why should labor under, ran after all classmates and try to prove that a man not to feel internally?! Each clear that there is nothing good there will not be. Therefore everyone, listen to your intuition and act in accordance with it, in a happy marriage is not dependent on age, but rather on how each of the spouses fulfill their role.

3rd These women self respect and the idea of ​​winter activities from the TV to the bathroom and diseases and other global scourges, she is not tolerated.

She wants to live an active and emotional quality, but man – a peer or older husband has become stagnant without hunting for a beer and he had no other interests and views of the spouses without clothes makes shudder in horror. The sexual life of a young man is not only possible, but a wonderful and harmonious, because 10 years is the optimal age difference

To feel comfortable in the relationship with the new man, the woman will have to follow some rules –

First Against women in the appearance of companies make particularly high demands, so she and pamper yourself since, as it will be known by her guarantee of the stability of this relationship.

An intelligent woman will never turn into a younger man’s servant. On the contrary, she will become an even bigger lady. In addition, all known is the fact that relations with the new man in the woman becomes visibly younger – both externally and in the heart and minds.

Second A woman is never under any circumstances do not show publicly that he considered the new sex of their child.

On the contrary. She has enough experience to allow her husband to feel like a head of a family. So the wife support her husband’s leadership qualities and will make every effort “weed” in his infantilism. Intelligent women will never speak about their age and will not unduly suspicious. But as a family woman the neck that is so stable that the head will feel the security, peace and the desire to never change nothing.

3rd Scandal of little things in this relationship will never husband and wife “weeds” of all the world’s sins. Potential threat to his relationship eliminate immediate and radical, but most will not notice the man.

Society, the most common stereotypes is that the young man is likely to be Alfonsi, a woman keeps, so people behind this pair back often smirk. Indeed, this limit is really fragile, but it is also a relationship in which the parent is a man. After all, there may well think that the cohabitation of young girls hand is up for sale, so – prostitution.

The truth is that with all the above mentioned benefit of these two people associate more “something”. This “something” then drives away from the young man’s head any idea of ​​what it should look even richer wife, but this old wives need to rush “to suck the last juice.”

Hardest are the first 3 years, the couple has tormented society stereotypes jig and each time leaving people to think rather than to have a nice time, but overly worried about what “others say.” His tar spoon of honey barrel this relationship, of course, into a new man and a woman’s parents, relatives, friends, children, colleagues and everyone else who constantly was the nagging possibility of other people’s family fortune. By the time the folly of course go and people as a pair together there valuable, which may be between people – respect, confidence, sympathy, etc.

Marriage, where the woman is older than the husband, are becoming increasingly frequent. Nothing to do for young men need women “strong arm” with which to snuggle and cry. An even bigger part of this relationship is never established and people are living in a consensual union. American statistics show that the relationship a mother – son is 12% of the registered marriage.

If the difference is 10 years, it is no longer considered something special. Only if a woman is 15 or 20 years older, you can talk about the phenomenon of unequal marriage.

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