Unequal marriage: his years – your wealth?

How often do we hear about families where the husband or wife is older than any of fifteen or twenty years. If a husband to his wife after years of fits as the father, then the pair on the company if either does not support, then at least do not condemn. However, if the wife is older than her husband – is already being evaluated as a challenge to public morality. But why? Everything can be found in psychological explanation.
If you choose an older man, it just means that you – “woman-daughter”, but your relationship can be described as a “father-daughter”. If you are attracted to much younger men, you are a “woman-mother”. “Mother-son” relationship like to show you care for your partner.

What are the problems faced by people who do chose to unequal marriage.

Margin squeeze

Psychologists and emphasizes that marriage in which the partners have a great year difference is doomed to fail, especially if the man or the woman is older than his partner of twenty years. Such marriages are doomed margin squeeze – sexuality and psychological demands of husband and wife in the opposite direction. After years of marriage exceeded the youngest husband or wife changing requirements, they become more independent and self-sufficient, and they are no longer satisfied with “father-daughter” and “mother-son” relationship. An important factor is also the generational differences in upbringing, status, behavior and habits.

I change my husband to the son …

Female sexuality, its peaks reach about 30 years, but a man of 18-20 years. Unequal marriages where the husband is older than his wife, the wife is suffering from sexual deficiency – whereas women’s sexuality is only growing, but the man’s fall, appearing confidence problem. It is for this reason a grown woman chooses a new guy. Seen from sexuality, these are the same equal level of marriage that satisfies both sides.

Also important is each person’s psychological age. Many feel much younger than your recording passports! Female 30 or 40 years of age can seriously obsessed with youth fashion or music, and new beau at it all fit quite well.

The young of such a relationship is beneficial in that the increased and independent woman, will not require him to perform his duty of a man earning money in the family, but also the child’s creation. Because not every guy 20-25 years of age are capable of such a feat!

Such marriage is beneficial to the fact that women on average live 10-15 years longer than men. Therefore, to achieve the ideal relationship “they lived happily ever after and died the same day,” his wife must be older than her husband and Nevis vice versa.

Such relationships should not be overlooked that the “man-son” is quite indecisive and non-independent. Here are the minuses and pluses – he not only admire his mature wife’s talent and will to protect themselves, but will be passive and uncertain even in those situations where it is important to provide moral support and show some initiative, however.

I needed a dad

If a girl attracted to older men – and it’s not just self-interest, then she must be “the husband-father” who will protect her and cherish.

Young and sexually inexperienced girl will be better with a mature and experienced partner. As well as increased self-man girl will be a real support and protector. His wallet contents will be sufficient to provide for their family and children.

The adult male of a relationship with a new hottie is beneficial. Occasionally a man in 50 sexually bound by their peers, so new favorite unfolds itself nobler feelings. As well, the protector and guardian status flatter a man’s self-esteem,

What can we say scientists

All studies confirm that it is chosen by the woman leaves a powerful impact childhood relationship with her father. A woman who gets along well with his father, the man chosen like his father.

In this case, they opt for a “father-daughter” relationship. Such women make up 70% of unequal marriages, this category also includes women who have risen without a father, or is it kept up early. There is a presumption that a woman chooses her husband, hoping that her husband also will be great father children.

Women, whose relationship with her father is far from good, prefer men much younger. They prefer a man-child long novels, but the athletic building up, with great physique just temporary intrigues.

If you feel really strong and deep feelings, if your love is pure as the morning dew, Do not pay attention to anything, and no one – just follow your heart’s voice.

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