Kurta Pyajamas Trend In India

One-stop fashion solution- Groom Studio

Groom studio laid their major foundation as the shopping destination of Karol Bagh in Delhi in terms of groom-wear decades ago. For maximum customer satisfaction, the designers at groom studio Karol Bagh ensure that their designs never go out of style. 

Kurta Pyajamas Trend In India

The latest trends and designs in the glamour industry are followed to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their modern designs.

What’s so special about Groom Studio?

The groom studio in Karol Bagh are famous for their attire owing to their clean, hygienic store conditions, favorable fabric material, and customized tailor made clothing for the customers. This has enabled Groom Studio in Karol Bagh to captivate the customers trust over the decades.

Price ranges of the attires

Kurta pyajamas start at INR 8000 in linen and cotton.  Their suits, sherwanis and tuxedos start at INR 12000 and are available in grey,dull black, maroon, green and blue.

Grooms Attire for Weddings

On the day of their wedding,every groom wants to look like a hero as per the fantasies his bride had since her childhood. The Groom Studio is a one-stop shop for all of the grooms needs.

Sherwanis, suits, saafa, blazers, turbans and brooch are all available to complete the groom’s looks. Make the groom presentable and appear royal.

Fabrics used in sherwanis are brocade silk, raw silk. Most of their sherwanis are designed in fabrics such as jute silk, velvet, and leather silk. The sherwanis in stone and patch work possess exceptional quality. The Groom studio usually uses thewrinkle free material in the tailoring of their suits and tuxedos, which is most definitely in demand now.

Customized dress for grooms

The groom studio also deals with customized attire for the needs of the customer. The finesse of the finishing is what the shop is known for.  Common designs in demand are plain and chequered. The collection is of quite affordable range.

Sherwanis and Kurta Pajamas

A person looking for everyday wear will definitely find his choice of Kurta pajama in this store. The varieties of sherwanis offered here are men’s ethnic wear, dressy wear, party wear and daily wear at affordable prices.

Shopping experience

The ambiance is serene and welcoming.It attracts many customers due to this amazing ambiance to shop. Sherwanis come with different colors and embroidery. A white sherwani paired with a red stall and a saafa may bepriced at INR 44000. The whole set is sure to cost more.

Designs of Sherwanis-

Sherwanis are available in silk, dark brown colors, velvet style,rajwara style,lovely handwork, and cream brolkit. Sherwanis with zari work is bound to cost more. Necklines available are round necks and v-necks, fabrics used for this is silk and velvet. Material use of zari will increase the price of sherwani as a whole, and a sherwani will end up costing INR 26000.

Anyone with budget constraints is advised to visit this store as the prices are easy on the pocket. The use of gold and golden embroidery in their sherwanis is a prevalent design followed in the Groom Studio in Karol Bagh. Along with blazers and tuxedos, the shop provides accessories like brooches to spice up the grooms attire. Blazers range between INR 5000 to INR 20000.

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