Some Cool, Funky, And Fun Facts About Cakes – The Heartbeat Of All Parties

Everyone would agree to the fact that cakes are the heartbeat of our parties and we cannot enjoy our parties without the inclusion of cakes. Cakes come in various flavors, ingredients, and colors and therefore you get the chance to choose from a wide variety of cakes. From the local bakeries to the online gift shops, everyone is ready to give you the best cake for your special day. . So, you can take your own sweet time before and sealing the occasion with utmost joy and happiness.

Funny Cakes

I was born with sweet tooth and I always crave for desserts like cakes. It’s been a growing trend for people order online cakes as I remember I was flooded with the cake deliveries last time on my birthday from various cake bakeries. Cakes are one of the most experienced food of the world. And for celebrations like birthdays or marriages or anniversary, cakes are the top most items in our list.

Here are some of the fun facts about cakes and I am sure you would be amazed to read them.

  1. An old belief regarding cakes doing the rounds is that if you sleep with a fruitcake under your pillow, you would be successfully marrying the desired person of your dream. Now, those were the days of 17th century England and now in today’s ti me, you can go to your desired boy/girl and present a large cake or a bouquet of fruitcake. I am sure the person won’t ignore you.
  2. Another cakelicious tradition of cake in ancient time was breaking a cake on the bride’s head. Now, that’s something yummy. It was believed that happiness, generosity, and love would fill the bride’s life with this act.
  3. You know millions of years ago during the Iron Age Celtic people lived on his earth and they had a weird festival of cakes. They would climb atop a hill and roll down round shaped cakes from the hill. Their belief was if the cake doesn’t break in its course downward, it will bring in good luck.
  4. The first cupcakes came into being in the late 19th century. Since the time they are adored and filled many people’s heart with happiness.
  5. For purpose of taxes, the most common difference between a cake and a biscuit is that a cake would become harder if exposed in the air and a biscuit becomes softer when exposed in the air.
  6. How would you prove your addiction and fascination for cakes? Of course by eating it – right? But how much or how many cakes can one eat? You have to beat Patrick Bertoletti’s world record of eating 72 cupcakes in a span of six minutes to set a new record.

I am sure you all are quite delighted to learn these fun facts about cakes. Order Cake Online for your friend and share these lovely cake facts with him too.

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