Tips And Hacks To Extend The Life Of Kids Sandals

Kids Sandals are the perfect solution for both toddlers and children anytime when one is stuck in comfort and fashion at the same time. They look smart and trendy and add a touch of suave to the whole attire. A good pair of kids sandals especially leather is a must for everybody’s wardrobe.

Kids Sandals

Leather, however wears out if proper care is not taken. These easy tips will help you extend the life of your precious leather sandals so you can wear them as much as you like to all your favorite events:

Preliminary Preparations

Before you hit your favourite party in your newly bought leather sandals, be sure to accessorize them with the right weaponry to help them fight the battle for you. Take them to a cobbler and get the sandals water proofed as well as get rubber taps for the heels as well as the front. These areas wear out most quickly as this is where most pressure is applied and this will help them act as a shock absorbent. This will go a long way in extending the life of your sandals.

Cedar Shoe Tree

This is a great accessory that helps extend the overall life of your sandals. After a long day, your sandals tend to collect moisture and odour. The moisture locked in the sandals is the major detrimental cause for your sandals to lose their shape and crack. A cedar shoe tree will not only absorb moisture but will also help the sandals retain its shape and prevent it from cracking. This helps the sandals remain sturdy for longer. Pile up on more than one pair so you have something for every occasion.

Constantly Clean Them

Dirt and debris can harm your leather more than you imagine. Sandals face the various vagaries of nature such as dust, snow and rain and all this decreases the life of the sandals. Get an all in one cleaner to get rid of stains and grime. This will help the leather remain soft and be able to fight everyday hindrances that threaten it to lose its shine.

Sandals are meant for Walking- Not!

Invest in more than one pair of sandals to help you juggle sandals. Don’t wear the same pair every day as this will drastically reduce the life of your sandals by half. If you have more than one pair of sandals, it will add variety to your wardrobe and also help you give a much needed break to your sandals which will help them last longer. No matter how comfortable your sandals are, they need a break too! This will help you have a variety of sandals at your disposal which is always handy!

Storage Matters

When you take your sandals off after a long day, you’ll most probably be tempted to throw them in a corner. However be sure to put your sandals delicately after applying cream on them to keep the leather soft. Also, do not dump leather sandals in plastic bags as this will cause the leather to lose its softness and tendency of cracks appearing will increase. Store leather sandals in cloth bags when not in use and try storing them one sandal per bag rather than throwing in 2-3 pairs all into one bag.

These tips will surely go a long way to help you retain the condition of leather sandals and help you enjoy them much longer!

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