UK Fashion Industry Praised

Fashion lovers have never had it so good. These days, it is easy for consumers with a passion for clothing and accessories to get hold of all the products they want to build up impressive collections. By heading online, they can peruse an array of items, including cheap shorts for women.

indie-fashion-tipsHighlighting the impressive nature of the UK’s fashion industry, creative industries minister Ed Vaizey recently suggested that it is “one of the most vibrant and creative business sectors” in the country. Writing in the Huffington Post UK, the politician suggested that “show-stopping talent, craft and ingenuity” is at the heart of the sector.

Meanwhile, fashion contributes more than £6.6 billion to the economy, he suggested, adding: “The UK’s fashion brands are an important part of our heritage and our unique and innovative designers are some of the most recognised in the world.”

Mr Vaizey went on to state: “Designer fashion in the UK alone employs over 25,000 people and is responsible for £7 million worth of exports. And the sector is growing. Sales of UK designer clothing have been rising by around 20 per cent a year in the last decade and are currently worth between £2.5 and £2.9 billion.

However, he also claimed that too often the impact of fashion is not fully appreciated.

The minister remarked: “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by numbers but the success of the UK’s fashion industry means that we have to do all we can to recognise and encourage it’s continued growth in the future. More often than not designer fashion creates ripples that spread throughout the rest of the clothing sector and these examples of exciting, high quality design can eventually influence clothing styles and colour ranges across the UK and abroad.”

He also claimed that the “power of personal expression” in consumers’ wardrobes can help to drive Britain’s economy.

There is no denying that many people have been feeling the financial pinch over recent years. Wage rises have remained subdued while the cost of living has been steadily increasing. This has meant that many individuals have had to cope with tighter budgets.

However, fashionistas do not have to forgo new purchases, even if they are feeling strapped for cash. By making sure they seek out great deals, they can add to their wardrobes without breaking the bank in the process.

Over the web, people can peruse a wide range of products, including cheap ladies’ shorts. Online retailers operate with lower overheads and are therefore able to pass savings onto their customers. This method of shopping is also quick and convenient, which is especially helpful to busy consumers who lack the time to get down to the high street.

This summer, demand for cheap shorts may have been particularly high here in the UK. The country benefited from plenty of sunshine and warmth, meaning people were keen to get out and about and top up their tans. Of course, lots of consumers also stocked up on shorts ahead of foreign holidays.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a regular contributor to fashion blogs and loves stocking up on new garments and accessories. Find out where she gets her inspiration by visiting Love Sasha.

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