What To Bring When Backpacking Through Europe

Part of the fun of backpacking is that you do not take very many things with you. Backpacking is one of the truest expressions of the idea that experiences are more valuable than things.  Being a stranger in a strange place also reminds you of how much you value your family and friends.  Therefore, you will want to stay in contact with them. A wireless iPhone charger, or better yet, a charger backpack, can help keep you in contact with them.  You can get these and other accessories from TYLT that are wireless.

What To Bring When Backpacking Through Europe

Wireless Means Freedom

If your phone charger needs an electrical plug, you might have to sit at the hostel for an additional hour, waiting for the phone to charge. It could mean that you don’t arrive at your destination until the hottest or most crowded part of the day.  It is no fun looking around frantically for a cafe that will let you charge your phone, and it’s even worse to miss a call from your parents because your phone had died.  Even better, with a portable charger, you don’t have to worry about which electrical plugs work in which countries.

Charger Backpacks are a Genius Invention

What if the phone charger you used while backpacking was the backpack itself ?  A backpack that can charge a mobile phone represents the digital nomad’s ideal of simple efficiency. You don’t have to wait anywhere, indoors or outdoors, while your cell phone recharges. You can just hit the road. By the time you reach your destination, your phone will have reached its full charge. Then you can use your phone to take pictures of famous landmarks and post the pictures online.  If this uses up your phone’s charge, it doesn’t matter. You can charge it again in your backpack on the way back to the European hostel.

My dream is also to visit some day all the wonderful countries of Europe be and I am all open to a backpack trip as I think I will be able to afford that only.

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