Fashion designer clothing tips for selecting and caring

Thus, the natural awakening from hibernation, are increasingly starting to take place in a variety of social events. To look dazzling and be the focus of Electrolux fabric care specialist and an Australian fashion designer Alex Perry (Alex Perry) share fashion and fabric care tips.
Geometric shapes in fashion

This season, the whole focus Spotlight own color matches! Whether multi-colored dresses Risa pastel mix or on the contrary – important electronic tones, geometric shapes are particularly acute this year, and every woman should be advised to purchase a bright and gorgeous dress.

Careful with accessories

Although at times it seems that accessories give the image an additional gloss, fashion experts currently recommend a minimalist stick. Bright accessories instead of better choices grounded lace hairband, which will make the overall image of the seamless and elegant.

The details are important

Arriving at a public event, above all, to be perfectly-maintained – both women and men pay attention to detail, so take care of early manicures and pedicures. Simplicity is the basis for everything, and a French manicure still has not lost its relevance.

A bit of luminance

For overall image would be perfect, he brings with him the attributes, such as lipsticks, powders, wallet, phone and other practical things will be convenient to keep the clutch handbag adorned with precious stones. Every woman you’d like a little gem charm!

“Festive events, there no shortage of the risk of damaging the magnificent image of something or just pouring a drink on myself. It is important to remember because the fresher the stain, the easier it will be clean, “says fashion designer Alex Perry and shares practical tricks to eliminate the defects. The expert also offers some unusual stain removal solutions and recalls before washing again meet with clothes washing instructions.


If the event comes to clothing ball point pen, must act immediately. In this case, alcohol or hairspray will be the best means to clean the stain. Control is recommended to pour or spray directly on the stain to blur it even more.

Cosmetic Stains

If you happen to be dirty and clean with lipstick, it is recommended to use dish detergent which should be applied to the stain and then rinse with water. Prior to this position is recommended stain rub with white bread, for the most part dirt accumulated bread fibers.

Sweat Traps

Deodorant stains and easily removed by rubbing the stains with laundry soap and then wash as expected. Using a washing machine or steam cleaner Iron Aid refresher programs can clean clothes without any odor exposure to intensive washing.


The idea of ​​layoffs in the grass may seem like a very good until you clean stains on clothes remaining. To clean the product resulting stains, pour fabric stain cleaner. If the stain persists, repeat the washing.

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