Why do we taste like semi-fast-food and junk-food dish?

Although it is theoretically aware of fast-food meals and various semi-harmful, sometimes refrain from such unhealthy meals is difficult. In some mysterious way burgers, snacks, chips and snacks is extremely delicious and tempting. Let’s find out what is hidden behind colorful packaging – or our appetites run composition of the products or still marketing?
Or fast-food meals and mixes really so bad?
fast food

Nutritionists say that the idea – the day progresses quickly eat something in order to get the necessary energy in itself is not bad, but since you can not ask people to always find two hours slowly, full of positive emotions lunch.

But the question is, what products we choose to fast meal? There are instances when fast food is not detrimental, as part of each person the appropriate total daily intake of calories and nutrients. Also, sandwiches can be healthy, but carefully selected type of bread and additives as well – salad sandwiches quantity to be not a single leaflet, but orderly portion. As a nutritionist says Laila Meija, Scandinavia is very common to take food with you to work and also supermarkets in these countries have access to healthy products carriages – packs nicely cut fruit, vegetables, chicken, a variety of sauces in some dishes. Nutritionists believe that the Latvian such an approach should be developed for the people are provided a variety of fast food options, and every man could build your own menu, choosing healthy products. But while our manufacturers and dealers to refrain from even healthy food offerings, we have to face the question – or semi takeaways and fast food really that bad?

Laila Meija nutritionist believes that fast-food meal can be a healthy range of products, but should be monitored closely in the course of their daily calorie number and composition of the food. “Currently no one has yet proved that the semi-finished or fast-food meal is a substance that causes addiction in its classical sense, which is that the addict will require increasing doses and without the” dose “would lead to a variety of physical symptoms. Most likely, the addiction to these foods is psychological – it is caused by a very clever marketing and addiction to a certain food taste, color or odor, although research is to find out whether it is really a large amount of sugar and fat and salt in a relevant proportion of fast-food meals can cause dependence similar expressions of the people (not all, but for those who have a genetic predisposition). Keep in mind that semi-and fast-food meals are made to be as cheap as possible and to be stored for longer. Meat is often substituted with cheap fat mass, or a variety of low-quality meat “scraps” of the product weight is increased at the expense of various additives, and the risk of capture harmful preservatives, dyes, nitrites and nitrates, which are kancorige-nas substances. But the biggest problem is that a fast-food meal Man takes a lot more calories than they need, and this meal has no added value as it is not taken valuable nutrients – vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. Particular negative has been sweetened soft drinks, which often goes hand in hand with fast-food meals. These drinks contain dyes, sugars and different kind of sweeteners that can cause a number of adverse effects, such as changes in metabolism and contribute to obesity and diabetes mellitus, “warns Laila Meija.
Or just marketing?

Semi-finished products, fast-food and junk-food production is a gigantic business, which includes large, global companies. We feel that the choice of products in shops is extensive, however, if the product logos replace the manufacturer logos appear that the offer provides a couple of major world producers such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Nestle, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, Mondelez, Pipsico and Unilever. To understand the extent of the company, give an example. So Nestle company holds more than 8,000 brands of products, and to the Nestle name we associate with coffee, cocoa and chocolates, they also produce breakfast cereals, biscuits, frozen semi-finished products, dozens of different beverages , Maggi soups and broths and even fast-food cat food – Friskies, Felix and Purina. Here, though, it should be noted that not all large corporations should be painted black – the company also carries out significant research to produce healthy and diet products, and in recent years has refused to part from unhealthy food advertising children’s audience. And yet – it sounds like a bit of the concept of “we are you saslimdina-m and then a treat.” A similar picture can be seen the large fast-food networks – major companies – McDonald’s, Hesburger, KFC continues to expand its branch network in the world, attracting a fast-food meal for new customers.

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