How to Improve Relations with the older generations

By growing every year not only life experience, but also the routine of life, disease and the body’s age-related physiological changes. The pace of life slows, weakens the work and learning new skills. Can be long and relatively well to work the usual stereotype, and this work is very difficult to change. Older people cannot easily adapt to the environment and the traditional activities change, and the situation becomes complicated if the need to adapt to new conditions. From the latest hand it is perceived as backwardness and stagnation. Older people themselves do not think so, because the changes generally occur gradually, without noticing the same. They think that the new soon to be too extreme. Conflict importance of the older generation of my own experience and knowledge uncritical reevaluation. It is often overestimated in their physical abilities, that lead to injuries or exacerbation’s of the disease.


Generational conflict causes are searched for personality differences in the nature, unchecked leaving early disease-related symptoms and personality change. Age of the resulting mental disorders often result in increasing the frequency of conflicts and tensions within the family. Parents blame the poor nature of hubris, malice, and disregard the real cause – organic mental disorders caused by changes in human nature and behavior. When people are already affected by severe dementia (dementia), there is clarity on the above happened, but by then emotionally affected both by the older people and their families.

There may be disorientation, which often can end tragically (Freezing, getting lost together with their grandchildren). Orientation can cause interference with and used psychotropic medications. Cerebrovascular result of altered taste sensation, which leads to the degradation ideas, delusions and relatives arraignment desire to poison or special feed with defective products. Taste perversion, self delusion and suspiciousness may be the reason why the old man refuses to food, medicines, because he seems to be replenishing the poison, especially if the relationship has been aggravated by other domestic conflicts.

The relationship particularly hard hit by loss of memory. Can be mixed events, and with full confidence in their righteousness. Can appear false memories when I heard the same story as experienced, but other objections are received via the resentment. Becoming forgetful, unable to remember where you ordered the money things. Often, others are accused of stealing. Did not remember to take medications or holding too much. Most suffer short-term memory, and then the long-term – a remote event recollection ability. Relationships are developed serious misunderstandings.

Increasing age is changing the perception of sound, the rhythmic and loud music annoy. Elderly more before going to bed and in the morning wake up earlier than before. The old am already awake and active kitchen utensils, heard loud bustle of annoyed and exacerbated relations between the generations. The elderly may be turbulent apprehensiveness, irritability, suspiciousness, irritability, suggesting a depression episode, in many cases, suicidal thoughts.

While the trend is accelerating and separate from the older generation, a great many new stores not only the relationship with their parents, but even dependence on them. Many live with their parents, receive material assistance, assistance at home and bringing up children. However, this relationship does not always give positive results in family relationships, there are strained relationships, conflict, citing as the cause of parental intervention. War of the older generation not only damage the nerves, but can also dismantle the family, interfere with the performance of its functions (especially educational function). There is a picture of a conflict that is inevitable in people of various ages in communication.

The relationship with the older generations are designing on the basis of cooperation, helpfulness principle, but if it fails, then at least the principle of peaceful co-existence. Determine the limit of a sufficiently strong to which parents can interfere with your life. Other home side’s presence to discuss the material and domestic issues.

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