Great Tips to Improve Fashion and Beauty

Larger scale

For additional volume of hair – dry them with a hairdryer, tilting his head down.

Long legs

Your legs will look longer optically, if the shoe choose in the same tone as tights (gold, pink, beige).

Easy tanned

Your skin is easily colored, dilute your liquid bronzer with day cream.

Perfect Legs

To the foot does not get red lumps, resorted to hair shaving shower at the end when they become softer, and using a new razor.

Sparkling eyes

Iridescent pearl eye shadow is granted liveliness sight. It is also the fastest way to create a festive mood in make-up.

Shimmer Body

Before you put on a dress with an open back or neck area, remember that the most attractive is the easy glowing and soft skin. Designed specifically for this purpose moisturizing body lotion with shimmer.

Stunningly hair

Better to not wash your hair before going to bed. Be recommended to wash them in the morning, after about half an hour before going out of the house they were already dry.

Diva ‘s Coming

A dark line along the upper lashes worthy of a diva image.

Kill two birds with one stone

Gwyneth Paltrow showed us a great way to freshen up your face in the morning or near rock: Soak a cotton ball toning lotion, put it in the freezer in a cellophane bag and use when needed. These combine the tonic lotion and ice triggered effects.

Highlight cheekbones

First to face part of the warm brown shade, then apply a little darker shade under the cheekbones. These two different colors, which bring additional depth and dimension.

Lovely flushing

Apply a creamy pink blush to the cheek just in the middle of the circular movements carefully, equalize, but does not exaggerate with the amount not to look like a doll. Finally, applied to a reflective tool face center, giving it the appearance of glowing flushing effect.

Long-lasting makeup

In order to protect the make-up of smear before the take off line along the lashes, eyelids. Powder will absorb the excess fat, and makeup will hold better.

Get ready to shoot

If you know that you now take the camera in front of the forehead is covered with an additional layer of powder. Flash light that is normally channeled directly to the forehead brings out even the slightest sheen.

Disguises dark circles under the eyes

To the area under the eyes look whiter, use a concealer with light-reflecting pigments.

Bright eyes

For eye shadow shade is more intense, it covers the eye with a wet applicator.

Perfume in the right place

If you want your friend to feel your sexy best flavor, use the right places – a drop in the ear lobes, chin, neck and along the clavicle.

Hair length for you!

Avoid short haircut if your face is rotund. Such a shape of the face much better suit the hair to his shoulders.

No bad breath!

Every day, drinking a glass of yogurt, you can avoid the formation of bad breath because yogurt contains bacteria that neutralize odor.

Cover the cuticle

Hair cuticles to fill the gaps that absorbs light and makes curls look dull, use an effective hair care product with silicone filling scales.

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