Parents of disabled children will be easier to apply for early retirement

Parents who have children with disabilities tended, will be eligible for the Health and Work of the State Medical Commission (HLCEDC) opinion on the state of health of the child with the disability. It will make it easier for parents to apply for national old-age pension on preferential terms.

This is provided by the Ministry of Welfare (LM) developed amendments to Cabinet of Ministers of predicted disability, disability and disablement criteria for determining deadlines and procedures for the Tuesday, April 23, 2013, backed by the government.

Parents or guardians who have children with disabilities tended at least eight years from his birth to the age of 18, you can retire five years before retirement age (currently it is 62) if their total length of service of at least 25 years old.

Specified in the opinion of the arrangement would prove easier for parents entitled to a retirement pension could be facilitated in HLCEDC issued an opinion on the state of health of the child with a disability will be possible for human proof of insurance period.

This means that if the attending physician Consultative Commission on December 31, 2003 a child under the age of 16 will be determined disabled HLCEDC give an opinion to determine the state of health of the child with the disability determination criteria.

Have changed over time determination of disability for children. That is to say, until in 1979. The children even with very severe health disability has been established. By the 2010th July 31st December without grouping was disabled children up to the age of 16, while currently disabled without the grouping of the children under 18 years of age.

Also, over the years has also changed the disability determination procedures. By 2003rd July 31st December for children under 16 years of age was disabled Physicians Advisory Board or the attending physician (pediatrician), based solely on medical diagnosis, regardless of disease severity. HLCEDC disability examination for children under the age of 16 began to 2004th On the first January.

LM recalls that early retirement can not get those parents of children with disabilities who have care or custody of a deprived and guardians of children with disabilities who are of the guardian’s duties have been abolished disordered fulfillment of these duties due.

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