Respect for parents and children relationship

It is sad to observe the relationships of people stopped to respect each other. Once this has happened, what to do there yet?

The interpersonal respect is important. Mutual respect enhances human relationships. Where entering disrespect, rudeness, recrimination, turning relations disaster. Of respect can think of two ways: on the one hand, respect is something that is owed to every human being, no matter how successful or unsuccessful he would. On the other has respect obtainable only with time. Earn with your attitude to work and the people.

This time, for the respect of parents and children relationship. It is possible that many will have heard of the law, which can be found in the Bible: “Honor thy father and thy mother.” Among the laws that govern relations among people, it is the first and great commandment. It all starts with the family and it all begins in the family. Children love and respect for parents is the backbone. But it is not always the case. We, the parents want the children to love and respect us, respect, listening. But do we love and respect our children? Children learn to imitate. They copied our attitude and return it back to us. How to teach children respect for their parents, if the parents ‘transition’ and humiliate each other in the presence of children? Children are watching us. Adults have build relationships of trust. Children should not humiliate, ridicule, belittle. Children must be taken seriously, to listen to them, they will be assessed, should be commended.

There are many ways parents can lose respect in the eyes of their children. If you lose dignity, and lose his authority. The same as it destroys. Usually this is a discrepancy between what we say and do. If you have lost respect and credibility in the eyes of their children, there will no longer be helpful fists cutting table, indignation and anger. When you lose credibility in the eyes of their children, are losing our children. A child has a mom and dad is an authority may wish to emulate them, they will want to please them and gain recognition. If a child does not receive from their parents, he will look for it outside the family. It appears particularly pronounced in adolescence. During this time, parents compete with their peers in adolescence (group) of your child’s attention. This is the time to show how strong or weak a teenager ties with the family.

Children are specific to test our limits, our question set rules. Children with parents struggling for power, they want to have a say in what to do, when and for how long. Children will often childish-long to do what they want, while at doing what you do not want. Children get angry if you restrict their freedom efforts. They crave freedom, which are not yet ready. Children need to have reasonable restrictions, parents must be drawn border. Defined boundaries of parents gives children a sense of security. Where there are no borders, there is no sense of security.

We cannot force other people to respect themselves. Dignity can be obtained, but it takes time and effort.

It makes no sense to complain that children do not respect their parents. It is the parents’ task to making the children their dignity and respect. Respects, but not horrified. It all starts with the parents’ respect for each other and to the parents for their children, because children learn to imitate. If a child is showing disrespect me, because I want to compete for power and authority in the family, then I he was “put on the spot”. But it is important, as I’m doing in a brutal demonstration of the power to destroy relationships and mutual respect. Dignity cannot be bought, it is instilling.

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