Top 5 Tips to Looking Great in Your Bikini

It’s bikini season, and we all could use some help getting ready. We all want to look great, and sometimes it’s the little things we overlook. By following these five simple tips, you can toss aside that cover-up and enjoy the lazy days of summer.


1. Pick a bikini that fits right. Wearing a bathing suit that is too small, even if slightly, will make you appear much larger than you actually are. A too large bikini will hang in places that will look awkward and not flattering. Take measurements if you have to, try a variety of styles – find your perfect match. Don’t go shopping for a new suit the day before you need it, give yourself a cushion, it could take some time

2. Get a tan! A golden tan will help everyone look great in their bikinis. Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. Your bronzed skin will make you appear healthier and will leave you looking vibrant.

3. Hair Removal, yep it’s gross, it’s a pain – but everyone has it. Be sure to take the time to remove any unsightly hair before you head out in that two-piece, and don’t forget your underarms, too!

4. Stand up straight! Our mothers were right, we shouldn’t slouch. By standing tall, we appear thinner, like magic. Slumped, frumpy women look heavier. Stand tall with your shoulders back and you will instantly lose ten pounds.

5. Tone up and drop a few pounds. This one take some planning ahead, but nothing will make you look better than being in shape. Exercise helps keep you fit and looking your best. Toning those muscles will keep you looking exceptional all summer long. Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting exercise at least three times a week should do the trick.

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